Digital transforms businesses

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While the digital demand is robust, how digital is built is still legacy. We have millions of developers writing code every time to create experiences. Our vision is to reinvent digital realization, to simply put it: improve the way applications are built.

Reinventing Digital Realization

kandi from Open Weaver helps developers find reusable libraries for specific requirements in their application development. kandi’s algorithms match each requirement against a knowledge store of over 430 million knowledge items across open source, public libraries, code snippets, solutions, marketplaces, and APIs. Developers can also leverage kandi collections that list the top library choices in various technologies and kandi kits that provide a set of libraries that solve common industry use cases. These help developers achieve a higher degree of reusability.

kandi brings in multiple features that ease finding and reusing application libraries

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Ratings and Guides to help developers reuse suitable libraries. kandi provides scores computed by its patent-pending algorithms across quality, security, license, support availability, and guides across code snippets, community discussions, and installation to help choose and reuse the suitable component.

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Multi-dimensional natural language search helps developers focus on requirements, while kandi translates it across 430 million knowledge items covering different software asset types and industry domains to get the best-fit components.

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Universal coverage enabling developers to tap global knowledge. kandi covers all open source, repository, package, cloud API providers, review, Q&A platforms to get the most relevant component to the developer’s requirements.

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Collections and Starter Kits that simplify adoption choices. kandi provides collections and starter kits across multiple technologies and industry use cases for developers to reuse or leverage as inputs into their application design in that industry or technology.

Since kandi exclusively focuses on application development resources, its results are precise, and developers do not need to wade through millions of SEO-driven articles.