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We are a team that passionately believes in improving development techniques to scale digital

Technology is powering businesses, and every domain is now a domain tech. There has been significant improvement in infrastructure through the cloud, and data through Artificial Intelligence. But the way applications are built is still linear, and faster alternatives are non-scalable.

At Open Weaver, we believe how we build applications needs to improve significantly for the world to scale digitally. We are investing in three essential pillars to deliver this:

1. Decades of knowledge available in the public domain and growing exponentially, such as open source libraries, packages, public repositories, code, discussions, and documentation.

2. Artificial Intelligence to understand user requirements, and create solutions that are responsible towards creators, users and licenses.

3. Architectures that will ensure scalability and reliability of the solution so it can grow with the users' business.

With this unique combination of Knowledge + Intelligence, we deliver faster ways to build a scalable digital world.

Open Weaver is led by experts with global technology and multi-industry experience and backed by private investors. Open Weaver is Head Quartered in the US, with offices in the US and India. Check out our Locations and Contact Information.

Open Weaver Team

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The Open Weaver Community

Millions of developers trust Open Weaver’s kandi to jumpstart their application development with open-source libraries, code snippets, and kits. kandi makes it easier for developers by analyzing over 650 million knowledge items across all open source, repositories, cloud functions, and information sources and applying our patent pending algorithms to help choose the right component that fits their need across technology, framework, domain, security, quality, support, license, and many other dimensions.

kandi kits provide a unique way for developers to not only develop faster but also learn core technologies like Java, Python, JavaScript, etc., while building digital use cases like a virtual assistant, blockchain, VR, and others. Through the Open Weaver Community initiatives, we conduct live bootcamps on developing large digital projects with open source and kandi kits. We also support developers with self-paced certifications and learning resources on digital technologies. We conduct hackathons and developer-focused events to drive faster application development, especially around Tech for Good causes.

Visit our Community page to learn and collaborate with developers.

Industry Partnerships & Recognitions

Open Weaver partners with institutions, industry bodies, universities and non-profits to contribute to an ecosystem that helps developers build applications faster. Our partnerships and collaborations span across multiple dimensions, such as joint industry framework development, accelerators for startups, kits for tech for good initiatives, application development bootcamps, project based learning and more

If you are looking to partner with us, do Contact Us.

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Open Weaver won the SME Inspire Award 2022-23 for Outstanding Customer Experience from NASSCOM. This award reflects Open Weaver’s exceptional customer experience across millions of developers. Nasscom SME Inspire Awards is an initiative of the nasscom SME Council, with the mission to recognize the most innovative and impactful "Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SME)"

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Recognized second time in a row among the Economic Times  Best Technology Brands of 2023 for its exemplary technological contribution, Open Weaver continues to innovate in software technology and the open-source application development space. 

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Open Weaver has been Great Place To Work® Certified™! One of the industry's most coveted 'Employer-of-Choice' recognitions reinforces Open Weaver's commitment to creating an inclusive, fostering, and fun environment for our associates.

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Open Weaver supports millions of technology learners by collaborating with FutureSkills Prime, enabling them to build industry focused digital projects while learning core technology skills. We provide 25 virtual lab courses on Futureskills Prime. These extensive courses revolve around trending domains like , ML, VR, AR, Blockchain, Web Development, Software tools, and Programming Languages. The virtual labs offer the learners a fun and effortless way to build complex digital industry use cases and learn emerging technologies by executing these projects.

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Open Weaver collaborates with ICT Academy to upskill young developers. ICT Academy leverages kandi as Capstone projects for delivering project based learning.

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Open Weaver is a partner-level sponsor of Open Source Initiative® (OSI), a steward for open source definition . We envision a common goal to promote Open Source adoption in application development, the future of digital innovation. 

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Open Weaver is a member of NASSCOM (the National Association of Software and Services Companies) , a non-profit industry association and an apex body for the IT-BPM industry in India.  

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Open Weaver is a principal member of the Metaverse Standards Forum , fostering the development of interoperability standards for an open and inclusive metaverse.